Virtual Marsh Schools

Alameda Community Learning Center
Alameda, CA

Berkeley High School
Berkeley, CA

E.C. Reems Academy
Oakland, CA

Emery Secondary
Emeryville, CA

Notre Dame High School
Belmont, CA

Redwood High School
Redwood City, CA

Santa Clara Universiy
Santa Clara, CA

San Lorenzo High School
San Lorenzo, CA

Zion Lutheran School
Piedmont, CA

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Welcome to the Virtual Marsh!

This fun and user-friendly citizen science tool encourages students, teachers, and community members to participate in science and learn about the vibrant life in and around San Francisco Bay. Here you can meet the plants and animals that live in Bay’s salt marshes using the interactive Marsh Field Guide. You can also explore our restoration sites in Google Earth and view scientific data and experiences logged by students and Save The Bay staff. Record wildlife observations, stories, data and discoveries or simply visit this site to learn more about unique local ecosystems!

Marsh Field Guide

To begin your Virtual Marsh exploration, click on the Marsh Field Guide to the left.
This interactive field guide contains key species of fish, mammals, birds, plants, and invertebrates that call the San Francisco Bay home. Visit one of five marshes around the Bay and meet the species that inhabit them. To illuminate the location of any of these species in the marsh, just click on the marsh field guide characters along the top of the page and an animal, plant, or human impact icon will appear in the marsh. When you click on that icon, you will learn fun facts, diet and habitat information for that species.

Restoration sites

Click on the marshes listed to the left to explore Save The Bay’s active restoration sites. These marsh sites tell the ongoing story of our restoration work by featuring real time scientific discoveries, sightings, and data sets collected by students during our restoration education programs. This geographically referenced information will help inform the community about the changes to these marsh ecosystems over time.

Student science:

Now students and teachers can experience the Bay and participate in restoration science directly from their home or classroom. Visit the Virtual Marsh to identify native birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, and plants that live in the salt marshes around the San Francisco Bay. Study the impacts of urban development and infill on our Baylands, both historically and today. Then post scientific discoveries to share findings with schools throughout the region and in other parts of the country. Click on our STUDENT SCIENCE page for more information on how to get involved.


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