American Avocet
(Recurvirostra americana)

HABITAT: The American avocet is a long-legged shorebird in the same family as stilts. They are found wading in shallow brackish Bay waters, freshwater marshes and shallow marshy lakes. 

DIET: American avocets also occasionally eat small fish and seeds, but small crustaceans and insects make up the majority of their diet. 

PREDATORS: Avocets have to protect their eggs from many egg robbers including skunks, foxes, raccoons, predatory birds, and more recently, domestic cats.

FUN FACTS: American avocets forage by sweeping their long bills from side to side with the slightly upturned tip of their bill, which is extremely sensitive to touch, barely submerged in water. This helps them stir up insects and crustaceans. 


Photo by Rick Lewis