Salt Ponds

HISTORY OF HUMAN IMPACT: The salt ponds and levees of southern San Francisco Bay are a curious landscape where nature and culture have intertwined for over 150 years of industrial salt production through solar evaporation in a large network of salt evaporation ponds.

ECOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Salt Ponds represent a significant loss of wildlife habitat. The water in these ponds is so salty that it must be flushed out and cleansed before supporting native plant life.

FUN FACT: The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project will restore approximately 600 acres of tidal wetlands, salt pannes, managed habitat and seasonal wetlands on California Department of Fish and Game’s Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, located on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay in the City of Hayward in Alameda County. Once these restoration improvements are completed, Eden Landing will provide an assortment of habitats to benefit many different species.


Photo Courtesy of Dan Sullivan