Olympia Oyster
(Ostreola conchaphila)

HABITAT: They are found in estuaries and shallow bays attached to rocks, pilings, docks, mud, and hard surfaces. They are native to the west coast of North America from Alaska to Baja (including San Francisco Bay!).

DIET: The Olympia oyster is a filter feeder, which means that it passes water through its body to feed on phytoplankton, algae, and other microscopic plant material.

PREDATORS: Their main predators are ducks, bat rays, sea stars, oyster drills (type of snail), and flatworms.

FUN FACTS: Each oyster can filter 5-25 gallons of water per day, helping to keep our Bay cleaner and healthier! Olympia oysters build reefs that provide shelter for many aquatic animals, like fish and crabs. Many native oyster reefs in San Francisco Bay have been destroyed or lost since the Gold Rush, but people are working hard to restore these important habitats.